January 27, 2021

K1 Visa – Thailand Medical and Visa Fees

In Thailand, as in all other countries of the world, the application fee for a US non-immigrant visa is $131 or THB 4,454, which can be paid at any of the 248 designated post offices scattered all over the nation.

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This amount, however, may be increased in the future after a proposal has been announced by the US Department of State to raise the visa fees allegedly in order to, “…ensure sufficient resources to cover the increasing cost of processing non-immigrant visas.”

According to the proposal, the current amount for the non-petition-based applications such as the tourist and bourist and fortionlication fee shall be increased to roposal has been announced by the 31.

Business visas, as well as student and exchange-visitor visa of $131 shall be increased to $140. A significant increase has been proposed for the fiance visa application which is set to be raised to $350, while the treaty-traders and treaty-investors visa will be increased to $390. All the other petition-based visas will also be increased to %150.

The Department of State however, announced that it will not introduce the increase unless the public had been fully informed, and after full public deliberation on the matter. Also noteworthy to discuss is the current fees for a medical examination in Thailand.

Under US immigration laws, a Thai citizen applying for a visa is required to undergo a medical examination. There are only four medical institutions which are accredited by the US Embassy Bangkok Thailand to conduct the required medical examination for a K1 Visa.

These are the Bangkok Nursing Home, which charges 2,910 baht for adults and 1,100 baht for children, Bumrungrad Hospital which charges 2,450 baht for adults and 1,050 baht for kids, Chiang Mai Ram Hospital 2,000 baht and 1,000 baht respectively, and the McCormick Hospital which also charges 2,000 baht for adults and 1,000 baht for kids.

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